Dane (Gay A. Wimer) has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law from American University, Washington, DC and is also an honor graduate from the New York Institute of Photography. She is a retired Executive from the Department of Justice, Washington, D. C.

Born and raised in Huron, South Dakota she began as an artist when she was a child – and has no formal training for her artistic endeavors. She has had exhibitions in Germany, Ireland, the United States and here in Italy.

She works in all medium – watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, oil and acrylic and has won major awards in every category- and also for both her metal and clay sculptures. Her artistic background has lead to the creative work in her photography that is also in the exhibition.

She spent years photographing for the Jack Daniels Corporation in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the World Barbecue Association out of Switzerland and Shannon Development in Ireland. She has photographed from the Arctic to South Africa and was a contributing editor and photographer for the Food and Fire Magazine in Germany and also the World BBC News.

She had the great pleasure of photographing President McAleese while in Ireland and before retiring from the Justice Department she worked with the Secret Service detail for President Clinton’s second Inauguration.

She has worked with both Alberto Grollo and Gianni DeMarchi since 2000.

Presently she is teaching art and photography at Aviano AB here in Italy.

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