Cyndi Pfeiffer is also known as Cyndi Lou Designs.

She starting working and creating art in the 1980's, hand painting personalized gift-ware & hand lettering calligraphy invitations in Atlanta area gift shops. She loved the cute freehand painting of that era and enjoyed the structure of the social stationary designs. After graduating college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Cyndi was a paste-up artist for a nationally known quilting kit supply company where she illustrated products & created diagrams for quilt pattern instruction sheets. She was inspired by the quilting designs and fabrics. When her kids were little, she worked freelance for Plaid Enterprises & Michael's Art & Craft Supply. During her time at Plaid, she created, authored and illustrated craft projects, instructions, and books. She has also been employed as a Publix Supermarket freehand sign painter, where she painted large scale inked designs and incorporated mixed media techniques into store displays.

Recently, she decided to combine these experiences, learn Photoshop and license her designs.

Cyndi lives in the area just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

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