Bridget Voth was born in Louisiana.  She developed a love of art from a young age and was encouraged by her talented, artistic grandfather.  The natural world fascinated her and even the tiniest insect on a garden flower,  a dappling of sunlight on grass, or the song of a bird would capture her undivided attention. She spent countless hours attempting to recreate on paper what she had seen outside.  Over the years her artistic abilities improved through self teaching and with help from her high school art teacher.  She sold her first painting in her early teens and has continued to further her art career over the years with online sales to buyers throughout the world.  She is well known for her animals in whimsical scenes and her realistic wildlife paintings. Most of her art is created with acrylics, watercolors, and gouache,  but she has also worked with pastels and colored pencils. "I hope that my art brings a smile to the viewer!"

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