Belgian-born, Karin (Van Steenlandt) Kuby, spent her childhood years hopping from Europe to The States and back. The chilly, salty shores of the North Sea, freshwater waves of the Great Lakes and vast plains of the Dakotas provided ample displays of the wonders of light and shadow playing on various surfaces. So, too, with the impact of local weather, resources and cultures. Most notable to her though were, and are, the effects of time. Impacts, both gradual and sudden, stark and subtle, often only evident in contrast to the other. These states in juxtaposition are on display in her photographs.

“I am an opportunistic photographer and rarely stage or plan my wanderings with my camera. Travels to a distant city, along a back-country road, or even into my back-yard yield limitless moments of beauty to capture and I love discovering vignettes and vistas spontaneously.

“Without a doubt, my photographs reflect my moods as well as my environment and my affinity for the gritty, stark and melancholy is hard to mask. I hope that others find my images to be compelling and evocative of familiar and fond memories from their own lives, or better yet, I hope you find them to be the genesis of new thoughts and moods worth exploring and revisiting.”

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