I’ve always had a deep connection with nature. As soon as I’m near a river, beach, or forest my soul is grounded and at home. It’s during these times—wandering--that I let my instincts direct me in search of my images, toward their abstract beauty and form in nature.

I shoot lots of water, due to its constantly changing color and shape. Often, amazing faces and symbols emerge that are clearly the spirit essence of this body of water I’m photographing. I believe the images I find in water reflections are the blueprints of its ancestral history, as well as its immediate surroundings. And when I’m tuned in, I find them.

In my heightened search for the spiritual essence of that which exists in nature, I am able to connect to its beauty at a much deeper level, and show a different view of the world. Through my photographs, I hope to inspire people to take a deeper look at the natural world, that which is always there, but often unseen.

My photographs are not manipulated, using tricks in Photoshop. I only make slight adjustments of contrast or density, and other than that, my images are shown as photographed.

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