Annie b. grew up in the north of England, then lived and worked in London in the TV and music industries for many years before traveling the world over. She now lives in Cornwall by the ocean with her husband and son. It is here she has developed her own unique style and language, painting from the heart, inspired by the beauty of nature and the aqua blue ocean, as she walks the coastline daily with her faithful retriever Bear.

Annie b. creates brightly coloured artworks in oils, watercolours and mixed media with a hint of sparkle - art for well-being that makes you feel good. Beginning with a meditation then allowing the colours to blend and flow and the magic to shine through onto the canvas. "I am inspired by the love and connection of all of life- the ocean, the trees, the wild flowers, and all the majestic animals that walk this earth. The stars and moon and the magical worlds of the goddess, the unicorns and nature spirits. What would life be without enchantment and wonder.” Blessings Annie b. xx

Annie b. exhibits nationally and her illustrations can be seen worldwide.

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