Stacie Flint's Visit

Aug 31, 2012

The ALI team was delighted this week when we were visited by our artist, Stacie Flint. Stacie (pictured below with her husband) was celebrating her birthday by visiting us! Our team really enjoyed meeting the face behind her expressionistic, colorful, art! 

We look forward to the many new and exciting projects Stacie is working on! She will be introducing current trends and various color palettes to her works.

To view Stacie's portoflio, click here

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"Damask Fruit" collection by Color Bakery is a hit!

Jul 27, 2012

The  "Damask Lerain" pear Collection by Color Bakery is a new introduction by CIC.  It's already a "hot" item at the Atlanta Gift show and was noted as the best-selling NEW item at the Dallas Gift show.

Be on the look out for more collection from this talented artist ….

Please visit our link to Color Bakery's portfolio.

CIC damask tabletop

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Cabin Christmas Collection by Color Bakery at Evergreen

Jul 27, 2012

Another new best seller for Evergreen is a Christmas Collection called "Cabin Christmas" by Color Bakery.

The displays at Evergreen's showroom in Atlanta are stunning.  Here are a samples of a few of them.





To view more images by Color Bakery, please visit our website. 


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Pat Yuille's whimsical images are perfect for all occasions!

Jul 27, 2012

Pat Yuille is one of our top stationery products artists.  Her whimsical images and clever messages are timely and appropriate for many and all occasions.  Here are photos of Pat with her spring/holiday cards and halloween greetings at Legacy and Pictura showrooms respectively in Atlanta.





To view more images by this talented artist – Mrs. Pat Yuille, please visit our website at:

Pat Yuille- Garden

Pat Yuille- Holidays

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David Russo "The Mazemaster"

May 02, 2011

Russo studied at the Parsons School of Design and The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Numerous industry publications in the United States and abroad have featured articles on his work, including: Print (twice), Idea (Japan), Studio (Israel), Art Direction, and Upper & Lower Case.

Russo is recognized as one of the world’s premier interactive artists. In 1990 he signed the largest book deal for a first time author in Simon & Schuster’s history. His intricate maze designs, original alphabet lettering, and high detailed scenes have toured museums for years, been featured on QVC, and licensed throughout the world resulting in 75 different product designs.  His ad for Absolut Vodka, “Absolut Amazement”, was an 8 page foldout poster that challenged readers to participate and complete the maze. MAD hired Russo to create a cover portrait of Alfred E. Neuman for its 1993 Collector’s Edition. His most recent ad campaign (2007) was for Sony’s Playstation 2, featuring three full pages of his unique mazes

In 1996, Russo enhanced his career and began creating television/movie properties in Hollywood. To date he has sold a dozen television properties, three of which were reality shows that have already aired: “Combat Missions”/USA Network (2002)/Mark Burnett Productions, Magic Johnson’s “Who’s Got Game?”/MTV (2003) and “Hey Paula”/BRAVO (2007). Russo is credited with discovering Donald Trump for television via his unaired NBC show “The Billionaire.”

At present Russo continues to create original television and movie properties. His maze artwork
is touring the country via Minotaur Mazes and his latest works are currently being featured through 2011 at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. David Goldman Agency has recently re-started to license the vast collection of Russo’s book art for the first time since 1996. New Russo maze books and products will be back on the market in 2011, along with the launch of new TV properties. David's published books The Great Treasure Hunt, Around the World: The Great Treasure Hunt, Go for It!: Races, Rescues, Treasure Hunts and More, The Ultimate Maze Book can be found on

Russo has been training in the martial arts since 1977. Russo Sensei holds a fourth-degree black belt in Jujitsu, and has studied Tae Kwon Do, Hopkido, Aikido, Go Ju Ryu, Chigong, wrestling, grappling, and Judo. He is also proficient with the Houbo(short staff) and the cane. Along with the Jujitsu curriculum, Russo also teaches police tactics, including handcuffing techniques, non-violent restraint, and takedowns. His dojo, Goshin Tsugiashi Do Jujitsu Intoku, is located on Maui. Russo Sensei has been teaching women how to stay safe from harm since 1990. He instructs them in techniques for rape prevention, for various physical defenses against an attack, to know their environment through awareness, not fear, and to use easy-to-learn Judo and Jujitsu moves.

View David's portfolio.

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Mar 04, 2011

Jill McDonald is rapidly becoming nationally recognized as an extremely talented young designer with a colorful, whimsical style that's fresh, fun and unique.

Jill graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1998 with a degree in textile design. She then went on to work for Baby Gap as a print stylist in Gap's Manhattan, NY design headquarters. After two years at Gap Jill made the decision to return to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri where she joined Hallmark Cards working as an illustrator for three years.

In January 2004 Jill felt the time was right to strike out on her own and founded Jill McDonald Design. Jill specializes in surface design collections and illustrations oriented towards baby and kids. Jill has illustrated many children's books, created bedding collections, Scrapbooking lines, Christmas collections, Stationary collections & Wall art. Jill is now working with her team on a line of products under her name. Look for them soon! is very please to be working with Jill. Below are some amazing licensed products and take some time to view her portfolio.

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Art Licensing Gives Thanks

Nov 09, 2009

Fall has begun to wrap itself up and make way for the cold and the snow of Winter. But before we give way to the chilly temps and white snowflakes, we have some celebrating to do.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and of course, at Art Licensing we have plenty of beautiful Harvest images to illustrate that season.

The holidays are a large category for the gift market, making it a busy time for retailers.  We have the artwork those manufacturers need for their holiday products.  Whether it’s Fall and Autumn imagery they’re looking for or specifically Thanksgiving images, Art Licensing has an array of work to offer.  We’re proud of the work our artists have been turning out and are ready to share it with the industry on quality products.

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Halloween Art from Art Licensing

Oct 15, 2009


Halloween is just around the corner and Art Licensing certainly hasn’t forgotten about it.  We’ve collected quite a number of fun Halloween images from our talented artists this year and they’ve allowed us to offer our customers with plenty to choose from.  Whether our clients are looking for dark and spooky or fun and playful, we supply it all.

Holidays are a major part of our business.  We sell artwork to dozens of manufacturers who use it on their holiday products.  We sell this kind of artwork largely for seasonal products like specialty flags, seasonal mugs, stationary, gift wrap, tabletop and home decor.  There is an enormous market for seasonal imagery and we are able to fulfill a large amount of the needs our customers have.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Inspirations at Art Licensing

Jun 22, 2009

In times of uncertainty and worry, people look to inspiration to lift their spirits.  So in this unstable economic time, inspirational art has really grown and become a staple in most art offerings.  Walk into any retail store’s decor section and you’ll see dozens of images that display some kind of inspirational message.

These are the kinds of images many people are choosing to decorate their homes with.  It’s like the equivalent of a nice hot bowl of soup on a cold, damp winter day; it’s a positive message packaged in an attractive way to hang on your wall to see each day as you head out into an uncertain world.  These messages vary from ideas of love and friendship, to motivational phrases, to environmental notions, and even to political views.

Each of these ideas is embedded into a decorative style and trendy colors.  The style and color allows the message to translate from merely a phrase, to an attractive, inspirational piece of artwork.

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