ALI hits the market!

Oct 08, 2019

            Syrena and Russ ventured out this month to conduct a market visit; a visit into stores to see our products and what's trending.  They visited Queensbury, as well as Saratoga, New York; browsing a plethora of stores. products were everywhere!  

From puzzles and cards to posters and calendars, They were extremely delighted to see so many different designs and products being utilized in big stores like Walmart and Target in addition to smaller chains like Ace Hardware and other local “mom and pop” shops.  This was a good time to conduct the market visit as it is right before Halloween and bigger stores are already stocking for Christmas. 

            Russ and Syrena identified a couple trends while out on their visit.  Across the board juvenile and simplistic designs are very popular.  Many paper products – greeting cards, gift bags, wrapping paper – supported this trend throughout a variety of seasonal and everyday subjects. 2020 Pantone colors were also seen all over the Wall Décor in big box stores.  Check out the link below to Pantone's website!

This was decidedly a very productive market visit.  Where in the world will Syrena and Russ go next?

Syrena gathers up the goods

John Silver

Kirk Reinert, Geno Peoples and Celebrate Life Gallery

Macneil Studio, awesome puzzles and Jenny Newland Collection

Assortment of awesome puzzles


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