The Evolution of a Painting

Jul 31, 2013

When people are purchasing items in the marketplace, they are looking at the finished goods. They will admire the art on the product, but never stop to think about where the art came from.  Licensing art is such a fascinating industry because we ALWAYS think about where the art came from.  It is our job to help the artists make images that will work for each manufacturer and eventually become a finished good!


We thought you might be interested in seeing how one of our painters, Karen Middleton, will transform her idea into a finished good!


Step 1: The artist comes up with an idea for a new piece.


Step 2: Rough Sketch.


You can see that Karen has sent a rough sketch of "firemen pets" (dogs and cats) to show the general idea of what she would like to paint. The agents provided her with feedback of ways to make the image more marketable.



Step 3: Revised Rough Sketch



You can see that Karen made the requested revisions. Then the agent gave the “thumbs up” to begin her color sketch.



Step 4: Review Color Sketch



The ALI team suggested a few more "tweaks" and then she will be "OK" to begin painting this image.


Stay tuned to see the final product!


If you are one of our artists and would like assistance with your creative process, contact the art director, Zoe Anderson. If you are not signed with us, but would like a portfolio review, click here to learn more!  

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Rescue Pitbull "Steals Your Heart"

Jul 30, 2013

At ALI, we love hearing stories with happy endings. This time the happy ending was close to home, which makes the story even better!


Meet Scarlet.


She is an adorable 2 year old Pitbull who was rescued right here in VT. You can see her looking good, rocking her stylish new "Steal Your Heart"  Dean Russo collar! You should order one of his fun and funky collars for your favorite pet!


 To learn more about Dean’s products, take a look at his website. To learn more about licensing Dean’s art, contact us


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Staff in the Spotlight- Week 1!

Jul 29, 2013

Have you ever been curious about who you are working with here at ALI? Do you want to match a face to the e-mail address? We know you do... 

This is the first installment of our "Staff in the Spotlight" series so you can get to know all of us!  

 Want to learn more about our CEO, Jack Appelman? Having been in "the business" for nearly 30 years he is well known in the art world and he has the best stories about the industry! Check out his uncensored answers to our questionnaire below.  

Staff Spotlight Questionnaire 


1.    Name: Jack Appelman 

 2.    Title at ALI:  CEO 

 3.    What does your job require you to do?  I coordinate “the troops,” recruit talent, and make sure we are very competitive.   

4.    What is your favorite genre of art/What kind of art inspires you? Photo Realism is my favorite. Abstract like Jackson Pollock inspires me. 

5.    What is your favorite trade show to attend? (Or what trade show would you like to attend)? Surtex is my favorite- it does really well for us. I would like to attend the licensing show in China because the market is going there!  

6.    What ALI artists do you think are artists to follow (choose 4)? Fiona Stokes-Gilbert, Color Bakery, Anderson Design, and Brian Rubenacker.   

7.    Where did you grow up?  Queens, NY 

8.    What is your family like? All grown up! I have 3 boys and 1 girl…1 grandchild and one on the way!  

 9.    What do you do in your free time? Garden, woodwork, play tennis, and read.

 10. What is your favorite movie/TV show? Favorite movie= Apocalypse Now. Favorite TV show= Duck Dynasty or Big Bang Theory  

 11. What is your favorite song? “Someone like you” by Adelle

 12. What is your favorite book? “Happy, Happy, Happy” by Phil Robertson

 13. What is your favorite food? Lobster 

14. If you could visit 1 place on Earth for 24 hours, where would you go? Tangier/Moraco 

  15. What is a personal tidbit of info you would like to share? I am a very shy person and I prefer to be with my family/wife to just relax!



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Portfolio review service for new artists!

Jul 17, 2013

In order to be a successful licensed artist it is essential to have a complete understanding of how your art can fit into the commercial art world. Since many artists are not familiar with the ever-changing licensing world, we now offer a fabulous service to artists: a portfolio review! 

With an art critique, you will receive an unbiased interpretation of how the market place will view your artwork. Our knowledgeable team will review your portfolio and provide you with a detailed critique of your artwork including its relevance to the current market place, allowing you to find your niche. 

Despite the negative connotations with the word "criticism," our goal is to help you grow as an artist. We answer the question “what do they see,” rather than answering the question of “what do you see?” Allow our team of experts to help you understand what potential buyers may or may not be looking for.

To request a Portfolio Review, please send a check or money order (made out to Art Licensing) for $39.95 to the Artist Critique Committee. You can also make a credit card payment over the phone. Please allow a two-week lead-time for this review to be completed.





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Does your decor need an update?

Jul 16, 2013

Do you want to update your wall deocr? Well, now is the time! 

We are excited to announce that Moises Levy, Maciej Duczynski, Jon Rattenbury, Monte Nagler and many more now have a variety of canvases available to buy online. BeyondTheRack is offering an array of images at inexpensive prices. 

To see more images by our talented artists, take a look at their portfolios today!

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Dean Russo- a new artist for Deny Designs

Jul 15, 2013

Dean Russo uses bright colors and abstract designs to convey the happiness and joy our favorite pets bring to our lives. We can now see how his designs' translate into everyday household products. Deny Designs sells a variety of accessories for your home like clocks, bedding, pillows, wall decor and much more! Take a look today so you can order your favorite colorful dog or cat today! 


To learn more about our talented aritst, Dean Russo, take a look at his portoflio! 


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