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May 03, 2011

The whole world of surface and textile design will converge on New York City May l5-l7 to observe the 25th anniversary of SURTEX, the only business-to-business marketplace in North America devoted to the sale and licensing of original art & design for product development across all categories.

ArtLicensing, (representing artists from Applejack Art Partners, McGaw Graphics, Interlitho, Soho Editions, Washington Green and New Box Licensing), has been exhibiting at SURTEX as one of the show staples since the late 1980's. Attending the show this year will be CEO Jack Appelman, Director of Licensing Hong Campbell, and Licensing Associates Ryan Cameron and Ray Phelps. We will be showcasing our latest Artist Porfolio catalog with over 300 artists (featuring 40+ NEW). Our full archive available for viewing on iPads.

Feel free to drop by our booths 463-465 but it's best to setup an appointment with Ryan, Ray or Hong (please call 802.362.3662). Do hurry as time slots are filling up fast.

Over 2800 new images have been added to our archive in preparation for the event. Visit our "what's new" page weekly for an update.

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David Russo "The Mazemaster"

May 02, 2011

Russo studied at the Parsons School of Design and The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Numerous industry publications in the United States and abroad have featured articles on his work, including: Print (twice), Idea (Japan), Studio (Israel), Art Direction, and Upper & Lower Case.

Russo is recognized as one of the world’s premier interactive artists. In 1990 he signed the largest book deal for a first time author in Simon & Schuster’s history. His intricate maze designs, original alphabet lettering, and high detailed scenes have toured museums for years, been featured on QVC, and licensed throughout the world resulting in 75 different product designs.  His ad for Absolut Vodka, “Absolut Amazement”, was an 8 page foldout poster that challenged readers to participate and complete the maze. MAD hired Russo to create a cover portrait of Alfred E. Neuman for its 1993 Collector’s Edition. His most recent ad campaign (2007) was for Sony’s Playstation 2, featuring three full pages of his unique mazes

In 1996, Russo enhanced his career and began creating television/movie properties in Hollywood. To date he has sold a dozen television properties, three of which were reality shows that have already aired: “Combat Missions”/USA Network (2002)/Mark Burnett Productions, Magic Johnson’s “Who’s Got Game?”/MTV (2003) and “Hey Paula”/BRAVO (2007). Russo is credited with discovering Donald Trump for television via his unaired NBC show “The Billionaire.”

At present Russo continues to create original television and movie properties. His maze artwork
is touring the country via Minotaur Mazes and his latest works are currently being featured through 2011 at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. David Goldman Agency has recently re-started to license the vast collection of Russo’s book art for the first time since 1996. New Russo maze books and products will be back on the market in 2011, along with the launch of new TV properties. David's published books The Great Treasure Hunt, Around the World: The Great Treasure Hunt, Go for It!: Races, Rescues, Treasure Hunts and More, The Ultimate Maze Book can be found on

Russo has been training in the martial arts since 1977. Russo Sensei holds a fourth-degree black belt in Jujitsu, and has studied Tae Kwon Do, Hopkido, Aikido, Go Ju Ryu, Chigong, wrestling, grappling, and Judo. He is also proficient with the Houbo(short staff) and the cane. Along with the Jujitsu curriculum, Russo also teaches police tactics, including handcuffing techniques, non-violent restraint, and takedowns. His dojo, Goshin Tsugiashi Do Jujitsu Intoku, is located on Maui. Russo Sensei has been teaching women how to stay safe from harm since 1990. He instructs them in techniques for rape prevention, for various physical defenses against an attack, to know their environment through awareness, not fear, and to use easy-to-learn Judo and Jujitsu moves.

View David's portfolio.

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