New Color Palettes

Jan 07, 2011



Sherwin Williams has released their 2011 color palettes for the year, and they're striking combos. These four palettes cover the gamut of what 2011 is shaping up to look like. There's a bold combo, a pastel group, a mixture of brights, and of course, the softer more neutral family. Each of these color groupings serves its purpose for various uses in the home. 






The Restless Nomad collection includes deep, rich colors and many jewel tones. It's a great palette to use for some punch, but without going too bright. It includes the new purples that have been forecasted as strong colors. 


Gentle Medley is the palette that showcases pastels and lights. This is where you can bring in a feminine, fresh tough for a bright, easy look. The aqua that has been strong for so long is still evident here. 


The last palette in this new collection is Purely Refined which brings in dusty versions of trendy colors. It uses new blues, lavenders and yellows, which are a very sophisticated combination. Using these colors will be a great first step into 2011!






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