Purple Haze!

Oct 29, 2010

Purple has certainly taken its place amongst today's leading trend colors. It has been forecasted for some time and it's now really started to earn a spot on retail shelves.

It can take on more of a red-ish hue, like a plum, which seems to be most popular at this point, or it can be cooler with more of a blue cast. It can be both warm and cool, depending on the shade. Either way, it's a color that can look soft and feminine or powerful and punchy. 

This color is associated with both royalty and spirituality and a shade of it was selected as Pantone's color of the year in 2008. Now that it's finally hitting the marketplace, it's has come in like a lion. Keep watching this color, as it'll be a major player in the trend world over the next several months.

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Art Licensing's "House" Appearance

Oct 08, 2010

House, one of television's most popular shows, has selected one of our artists' work to potentially appear on the show! A puzzle customer we work with has developed 3 puzzles from Randy Van Beek's work. View Randy's Work. They were approached by House to use the puzzles in one of their upcoming episodes.The proposed plot is based on a woman who has a hyper-memory disorder and they find out she's been doing jigsaw puzzles for years. Randy's work is one of several artists to be selected for this opportunity and we won't find out if he's chosen until we watch the episode on February 7, 2011. So tune in to see Randy's work displayed on the show!

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Oct 01, 2010

We go the extra mile!  Within our licensing division we work with customers who create all kinds of products; from stickers to calendars and garden flags to kitchen accessories. Each of these customers has different art needs and their products require variations in the artwork. For instance, a puzzle company and a gift box company will have very different treatments for the same piece of artwork. For this reason, we provide what we call Presentation Sheets to our customers for our New Box art line. These sheets show how the artwork can be changed, rearranged, and manipulated in ways that allow it to fit to nearly any format. 

In these sheets, we show how the artwork can be fit to various templates and shapes. The sheets feature a circular shape to represent a plate, coaster or clock. The square shape can represent a napkin or a gift box. The upper left rectangle layout can be used for a rug/mat, a placemat, or a screen saver. We also show a repeat pattern that can be utilized by our fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper customers. These sheets have become a useful tool for our customers. Not only do they show the versatility of our artwork, but they also provide inspiration to the customer on new ways to showcase the work on their products. 

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